From Bread of Life Manali


“Bread of Life is the only South American Bakery in Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, who bakes fresh cakes from our home recipes in South America, also the unique and fresh Sourdough #baguettes, #ciabatta, #focaccia and #multigrainbread 100% Omega 3".

"We also serve one of the best coffees in India provided by @kiltacoffeeco. Accessible place for those who are traveling to the mountains by Car or motorcycle and need a stop for a coffee are very welcome."


Easy To Use Menus

No more PDF menus!  Have a professional menu for your restaurant that visitors can view on any device.  No more annoying your potential customers by making them download a PDF menu that they may or may not know what to do with.  

Create your menu and organize it into groups of items like Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts -- whatever groups you'd like to have.  Create drink menus; lunch and dinner menus. 

Use images with your items or not.  It's all up to you.

Mobile Ready

Your potential customers are finding you on mobile.  With Mise En Place you'll have a site ready to great them.  From a menu that's mobile friendly to easy to find address and phone numbers you'll have everything your guests want to know before visiting ready for them.

Add in smooth page transitions and simple animations and you have a website that has an app like feel.  

WooCommerce Ready

Mise En Place is WooCommerce ready for your e-commerce needs. Want to offer online ordering? You can do that with WooCommerce. Allow online ordering of catering items or even things like shirts and hats.

WooCommerce now runs over 30% of all e-commerce websites and you can use it with your restaurant too.